When does it support RAID?

My PC have installed Xp sp2(ZH), and CTM told me: checked out RAID controller, so it run insecure, maybe. I want to know, it really cann’t run? Or some problem will be happenned cause system over and can not recovery, when I install it by force? ??? ???

Depending on your controller and raid mode it might run.
For me, Windows crashes with a BsoD while booting on my AMD raid 0.
On another computer with Nforce raid 0 it worked.

I would also like too see raid support, at least for software raid 0.

see this link:


I use Raid 0.
ps: how many chinese worked in comodo?

Should that link answer daydreams’s question? ???
You must be joking

Sorry, CTM does not support RAID currently.
BTW, CTM might support RAID in the future, but just maybe. We do not have a specific plan for it.

Wow, that’s great news :slight_smile: Continue with good work