When Cavs 3 is released.

Some day Cavs3 will be released. And many of us comodo fans will say good bye to their old friend, their previous AV,
and gamble on Cavs 3. I predict not all gamblers will be winners the first time they play the game. And almost guaranteed, some people will have conflicts with cavs3 and their computer, and at least for a time, then be forced to go back to their old AV until the conflicts are fixed.

Because that is the simple fact of life rule, one is limited to one and only one active antivirus at a time on a given computer.

So may I make a suggestion? Rather than delete your old AV, one may be better off simply taking it off the start up list. But that suggestion fails if Cavs3 like comodo3, still sees your old AV is still on your computer, and then refuses to install until your old AV is totally removed.

So this question becomes a matter of how Cavs 3 is programmed. And since Cavs 3 is not totally programmed yet, it can be changed. Because the fact is, it takes a long time to re install your old AV if needed, especially if you are still on dial up access.

Well spoken.

At least people should use the System Restore function in Windows, and don’t expect CAVS 3 to be perfect from the start. We all expect much, but yet CAVS 3 hasn’t hit millions of users like CFP has.

I agree, installing and configuring AV may take time. On the other hand; most of those who are interested in CAVs 3 are probably prepared to take the time. Prepared or not - it’s probably necessary!


How come you can’t have two AVs on your system at the same time? I think I have done that before. Some SVs run just fine with each other. I know I had three anti-spyware programs running at the same time. Are AVs that much different? I thought I could have two and see if they both pick up the same “tainted” file.

because they fight eachother, they will fight on the same processes, on the same files, they fight on the same reg keys, they will fight on the same com interfaces, they fight eachother on the same malware!!! that’s way! you understand? GOOD! (:LGH) (:SMLR) ((:WIN))

Real time AV’s will fight each other. Running 2 Av’s is a no no.

Even if you have a real time, and an on-demand AV, You still don’t need 2. They are only detection technologies while CFP 3 (Example) is prevention covers alot more. You deff don’t need a second AV.

This is a good write up.

Yeah… Maybe don’t go crazy when CAV 3 is out. Disable your AV on startup and see how you like it… People need to be prepared, No Software is 100% bug free or perfect.

We will just have to wait and see, Comodo can talk the talk with CAV 3 but can they walk the walk? :wink: Anyway, We should never underestimate or over estimate anything. We all need to be prepared.

I trust in the greater wisdom of Comodo.

CAVS3 could have a bumpy start. I am sure it will be excellent AV in no time, someday it could be just as popular as the firewall.

If it is just as successful, I am curious about how other security vendors would react to this! Seeing that most companies sell their products, and Comodo offering free products that are actually MUCH more effective.

Also Comodo is getting much closer to a total internet security suite. Which would really turn up the heat even more, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a internet security suite that’s actually FREE!

Comodo really does live up to the “Creating Trust Online” catch phrase. Its just a matter of time before the popularity of Comodo spreads like wildfire.


Comodo Internet Security should really fire things up IMO.


I’m really curious about this as well. Comodo must be putting heat on other venders. I think some vinders have also started putting heat back on Comodo. I remember the firewall testing where Comodo was consistently at the top and even first once. I think some venders got tired of seeing a free product at the top, so they started working on closing all the holes. Though, their products may still be a bit more buggy and run slower than CFP (search the forum for what I mean there. :wink: ). So, I think they are trying to beat out Comodo at least in testing. This is a good thing, because not everyone uses the same software, and there are loyal fans for all firewalls, and the more secure each company makes their product, the safer the net will be. However, there are the few dummies that don’t have any security software and their computers are drones for those that do evil. It’s those users that we need to find and it’s those users that need to get security software installed.

This leads me something that Comodo should develop next. It’s something that should be given free to each ISP around the world. A program that is able to determine if an ISP’s customer’s computer is a drone running with no security, or outdated security, and is being used by hackers and spammers to send out viruses or attacks or spam email (a lot of spam originates from remote drone computers instead of the spammer’s machine itself). This program would need to be run by the ISP and it would somehow monitor the traffic to see if it is a drone computer, or somehow detect if the computer is lacking updates. It could be also a client computer similar to CVA that sends data to the ISP that the client computer is out of date and the ISP can pull the plug on the client. This should be done in today’s world. It’s these drone computers that form the biggest threat on the internet and they must be stopped.

I agree with this 100%.

Excellent point! We already have built the infrastructure for that! Its Threatcast!!!

With Threatcast, we will watch security related events happening from PCs and ISPs can register with us to see if any of their IPS have security events that causes a concern. When Threatcast goes into full release mode ISPs will be able to register with us to watch their networks!


Terrific!!! I hope all ISPs register and track down IPs on their own networks and deal with them. Then we all can be just that much safer. Thanks for telling us about this. :slight_smile: I can’t wait for that to go into full release. Good work Comodo!

Indeed, we want all our users to spread the word to everyone and to their ISPs when we fully launch Threatcast (scheduled for after CIS release). We want to create Trusted Internent and Secure Computing and we are serious about it!


my advice in this issue if you have at least 2 or more pc’s at home i do 1 pc is for working mode, and 2 pc’s are for testing with an fully clean windows xp pro sp 3 and vista home premium both are running on the comodo firewall.

when cavs 3.0 is out i install them only on these pc’s to see how the performance is and i believe there are no big problems cavs 2.0 is working smoothly and i have never an problem with cavs 2.0 only the detection but that issue is hot and the experts of comodo are working extremely hard on this.

so again cavs 3.0 needs an big start and hopefully an very good start.

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