When can we expect the new version?.

??? Hi Guys. We were led to believe by the Devs in January i think that a new improved version of CPM would arrive in Feb/March… :THNK :THNK :THNK well we are still waiting. Looking forward to it as its far better than the likes of Revo in my opinion so cant wait to see what the improvements may be.

Devs…are you out there???, any news.


CPM was put on hold for the new extension for comodo dragon beta 18.2. Alexandru told me that it had a higher priority and it wasnt a long term project for his team.

:-TU hi wasgij6, Thanks for the heads up on this one.


no problem.

excuse me
so when we can find como program manager 2.0 in this site for stable release?
what date please?

there is no date.

So is the extension done now and is CPM being worked on again? After the whole DACS deal you can never be sure that something is really coming back.

that means CPM would be abandoned…

That was never stated. It was only Cassette expressing his or her concerns.