When 64-bit version of CAVS would be available?

I just discovered products of Comodo family, but CAVS dont work/install on my XP x64 :frowning:

Hi there, and welcome to the forums. As you stated currently CAVS Beta 2 does not support 64 bit operating systems that I know of.

Currently Comodo is developing CAVS 3.0. It should be coming out in Beta within the next few weeks. Everyone here is anxiously awaiting it. I believe this will have 64 bit support, but it may not. Not much information is available regarding this product.


(V) (:CLP)Dear Dave, Count in another Happy CAVS user but now that I am on x64 (XPPro i have to use something else. (Avira) ugh! Come on Comodo I speak your praises everywhere I go. Phill

Patience, patience. Iā€™m drooling as we speak to see the new release but all good things will come eventually :BNC