WhatsApp Web Can't be Opened

I tried to open WhatsApp Web in the browser, but unfortunately the page said: Please update to Firefox 30+. And yet, this is the latest Comodo IceDragon I have: My browser is 32-bit, in Windows 7. I don’t know the version of Firefox Engine used in the browser.

Hi ChristopherRakadewa,

You can try using our Beta version of Comodo Ice Dragon Version v65.0.2.15 32 bit.
Here is the Download link for it.

It’s still can’t be opened. Is there anything wrong?

I’m having trouble accessing WhatsApp Web on my browser as it requires Firefox 30+, but my latest Comodo IceDragon version, which is 32-bit and running on Windows 7, doesn’t seem to have the required Firefox engine version.

the comodo can return with icedragon…

WhatsApp Web requires Firefox 30+ to function. You are currently using Comodo IceDragon, which is not compatible with WhatsApp Web. To resolve this issue, you can either update your browser to Firefox 30+ or use a different browser that is compatible with WhatsApp Web.