What's your Registry key for context menu items?

I’m curious, because I think different versions of Comodo have different Registry values for the context menu (AKA the Comodo options in the right-click menu) depending on which version of the software you have installed.

The Reg key in question is Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\file\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Comodo Antivirus. Please comment and share the data string you have for your Default string value!

For example, I’m using the CIS 2024 Beta, and my data string is {4255A182-CAD9-4214-A19B-7BA7FB633BBD}. As you can see, this is not human-readable, but I think that seeing different versions of this Registry key’s data would help discover all the different options you can have for the Comodo context menu! (e.g. do you want to have only the “Scan” option? What about “Run Virtual”? etc.)