What's your favorite movie ???

well, we have music, jokes,photo, philosophy,and even poetry topic.
i guess we need MOVIE topic.

here’s my fave : Truman show (jim carrey).

Now we have to make a GAME topic (:SHY)

I guess I don’t really have a favourite movie, but I think the Star Wars movie.
If I have to chosoe one of them, I guess Star Wars Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite!


then make it.
i play playstation2 (still saving my money for PS3). just for fun, not really a gamer. usually i set the difficulty level to easiest/novice/newbie (:TNG) . i like God of War 1 &2 (mortal difficulty level ;D ). Ace Combat 4,5 & zero, and resident evil4 (i copied my friend’s memory card, and voila! i have unlimited ammo rocket launcher & armored Ashley :smiley: ).
i don’t like RPG, you know, raising up level of so many characters. as far as i can remember, i’ve only played 3 RPG, Final Fantasy8 (why such a cool guy like seifer have to be the foe >:( ) & Legend of Legaia & Legaia 2.

now i’m so out of topic! LOL

*Matrix Series
*Bourne Series
*<a href="Infernal Affairs - Wikipedia>Infernal Affairs Series
(Remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed; the stupidest remade I’ve ever seen)
*Kamen Rider Series
(Right now, watching <a href="tv asahi|テレビ朝日>Den-O)
*Final Fantasy: Advent Children
*Die Hard Series
*Most of Jet Li’s movies
(When his still in Hong Kong)
*Kung Fu Hustle
*Shaolin Soccer

…and lots more…

…though I’d preferred Japanese Dorama (Drama), than todays senseless Hollywood’s movies…

Blade Runner :slight_smile:

My favorite movie is: The Haunted Mansion along with My Little Pony The Movie.

aha! the departed. why Leo always have to die in every movie ;D
i didn’t play FF except FF8, so i can’t really understand FF VII movie :-[

blade runner & little pony? what genre are they? are they old movie? i’ll look for the dvds

My Little Pony The Movie isn’t a old movie and I think it was released in 1980.

then it’s old (:TNG)

Blade Runner was released in 1982 (well before you were thought of :wink: )

It’s a cyberpunkish movie based on a book by Philip K Dick, called ‘Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep’ but also influenced by another book called '‘The Bladerunner’ by Alan E. Nourse.

It’s just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary (2007) with an ultimate update by Ridley Scott, the director.

I’m gonna have to go with the movie Hackers. from the mid 90’s. It was Angelina Jolie’s 1st movie ;D

i think i know this one. it’s about a kid capable of hacking (bank or something) and punished, he’s not allowed to use computer until his 17/18 birthday, am i right?

these are another cool unpredictable movie :
the recruit
the game

and the coolest thieves : ocean’s eleven,twelve,thirteen (ocean’s 12 is the worst of them)

hello. Slingblade (some folks call it a keiser blade) (:WIN)

Yup. it starts off a 11 year old crashed 1,057 computers :stuck_out_tongue: Tis a good movie

Cool, I think I’ll watch it :slight_smile:
I’ve only crashed one computer, and that’s mine! I don’t count the school computer, since they crash from time to time. :wink:


o ya, you should. i don’t know if this info was true, but i read somewhere that this movie was banned in several country,coz the hacking techniques showed in the movie are for real.

LOL :smiley:

My favourite movie is DHOOM which is a bollywood movie.I like DHOOM2 too.Anyone heard about the movie?
I like hollywood movies like rambo,rocky,home alone,problem child,harry potter, da vinci code etc…

here’s a pretty good comedy: IDIOCRACY (luke wilson)
not very funny, but interesting idea

My favourite movie is Pitch Black


pitch black? what genre is it? who’s the actors?