What's wrong with CCAV's cloud ?


Today, one of my friends tested the detection rate of CCAV using a package of virus. CCAV detected 4 out of 50, but all of the detected were “UnclassifiedMalware”. That means all of them were detected by cloud, and haven’t been added to Total Definitions.
CCAV: UnclassifiedMalware -------- 11.vir 14.vir 29.vir 34.vir

But CIS actually detected 5 out of 50, and all of them have already been in Total Definitions. (Database Version: 23792)
CIS: Malware ---------08.vir 19.vir 31.vir 38.vir 49.vir
08.vir|bolletta_31791.exe Malware[at]#6cr8fsmzyiik
19.vir|word/document.xml Malware[at]#mwu4s3rou01r
31.vir|word/document.xml Malware[at]#mwu4s3rou01r
38.vir|word/document.xml Malware[at]#mwu4s3rou01r
49.vir|word/document.xml Malware[at]#mwu4s3rou01r

Why can’t CCAV detect these malwares since it is connected to the interent?

Password for the package: bbs.vc52.cn

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ccav uses valkyrie as a backend. Currently valkyrie is not 100% ready and will not be for a few more days. I have been talking to the lead dev of valkyrie and he said that improvements have already been implemented and they should go live on tuesday. The improvements are for speed and accuracy of valkyrie.

May I ask a question? Aren’t the virus definitions stored in cloud? If cloud does have total virus definitions, then CCAV, when connected to the cloud, should be able to detect malwares that have already been in those definitions.
Or is there any difference between the cloud of CCAV is different and that of CIS?

Honestly im not sure

I thought Full Virus Databases are in the Cloud. And Valkyire will join to improve protection. Ideally it should be this way, right?

CCAV will be fully working when Valkyrie is updated, which is expected for next Tuesday, as Wasgij6 mentioned. Then you may expect all databases to be synchronized.

Hello fatih,

Will it reflect to CIS’s cloud component?


Currently Valkyrie is beta…on Tuesday Valkyrie will go stable?
(Devs have mentioned that Valkyrie is work-in-progress & Beta & once it goes stable they will inform users here in the forum).

Hi yigido,

For now it will only reflect to CCAV, CIS -Valkyrie integration is under discussion.

For your information,


I think having a “Use Valkyrie” option as an additional line of defense would be great.

So is Valkyrie fully functional in CCAV now?

And is Valkyrie site & tool stable version now? Coz if stable version I would like to download & use the tool.

not yet. CIS is now on the roadmap to be integrated with Valkyrie

Yes, Valkyrie site & tool is stable now, you may use it.

So the tool scans & uploads unknown.

It would be good if the tool is like VirusTotal Uploader.