what's this error message about?

A few minutes ago I got this error message:


(pls. click for full-sized image)

Anyone know what it is? At the time I wasn’t fiddling with the firewall – it wasn’t open, just running in the background as usual, while I was browsing with Firefox and running a scan with AVG anti-spyware. I’m using WinXP.

It’s been reported numerous times. Try this thread:


Many thanks, adric. My experience was like yours in the other thread: after I clicked through the popup (and the one that came up right afterwards), it immediately killed the firewall. Not good, not good at all.

I hope this bug is on the developers’ radar.

On a side note, the forum search function has been totally horked for me. E.g., if I search for “cfpres” I get a bunch of threads that don’t even contain the term. Same thing if I search for “error 0x0”.

Try using the advanced search and make sure the option “Search in topic subjects only”
has a check mark beside it. This will give you better results. BTW the search function is
not currently working the way it should.