What's the Worst Antivirus of 2007


and sorry to say CAV :frowning: i had bad experiences with it.

i thought it would be light weight and it was heavy on resources

and the hips is jsut a…hips

I have a feeling the version 3 beta will be much better :wink:

i guess CAVS 2.0 isn’t that bad.a little bit buggie, but still can be acceptable.

(B) couldn’t wait for it.
p.s. how many Justin we have on this forum ??? ;D

Im sure CAV 3 will be better. But i will stick with nod32 its fast as lighting and its pretty ■■■■ good.

NOD 32 is still good indeed, only second to Avira, my friend :slight_smile:

Dare to change? Hooray to Heuristics!

Sounds like promo? This is promo, man!

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LOL man. i think NOD 32 has the best heuristics :wink: and not to mention NOD 32 has passed the most VBulletin tests and only failed 1.

With NOD 32 (supposedly) [this is an ad too ;)] I can have have 2 month old signatures and still have an 80% detection by using only heuristics.


I think you’re all exaggerating. I’ve been using Symantec products for years and had no problems with the viruses or with the products. I had NIS and Norton System Works, the last version I had was 2005, I believe, before switching over to Comodo, and I was pretty happy about it. I chose Comodo when my license on Norton expired. I like Comodo, but there is a serious problem with it - no CAVS for Vista (:SAD)

well, i’ve used symantec AV before (i forgot the version). it’s pretty good, i mean: it update daily, easy on resource (it’s my guess, i don’t know how much RAM it used, but it’s lighter than Norton 360). but in my experience, most malwares detected can’t be repaired by symantec. maybe the repair ability is poor ??? and my friend said there’s a serious uninstallation problem. she need to re-install her OS due to the problem. as for my self, i successfully sold my symantec installed laptop. ;D


Just me ;D


Well Almost all of us agree that Norton sucks to the MAX. :'(. I cant believe that it is still the world no.1 antivirus company in terms of sales guess a lot of people are still ignorant about norton. What Norton does is to use its money to advertise heavily their products. advertise heavily on magazine & websites that rate AV products to give their products a very good to excellent rating. & finally sponsor those so called independent test results like the virus bulletin, av comparatives & AV test. It’s about time you learn about those so called independent test results they are sponsored heavily by antivirus companies, so guess who sponsored it the most… :THNK

Important Fact about magazines, websites about reviews & So called independent tests:

  1. They are biased. They will always try to satisfy their corporate sponsor.
  2. They will alter the truth in order to pay the bills. Since their corporate sponsors is their main bread & butter, they will lie!!!
  3. They cannot be fully trusted. They will always try to satisfy their sponsor which contribute the most to their projects or advertise the most.
  4. Their tests are not totally complete because of the fact that everyday mallware is being created by people with malicious content. It is impossible to have a complete library of viruses ,worms & trojans. They also only tested weak to medium threat viruses not the high to maximum threat viruses & TROJANS becuase of the great DAMAGE that will do TO their computerS!!!

totally agree