What's the Worst Antivirus of 2007

The worst antivirus to me is

None total ■■■■■■ Product

Lousy Firewall just a bit better than windows
Even Free Antivirus like Comodo AV, AVG Free, Avira Free & PC tools Free is better than it.
No quick scan options
No On Demand Scanner & cannot scan a single file on demand. You have do a full scan
Takes a Long time to update
Slows down your Computer to a crawl
Can detect some viruses but not kill them
Annoying pop ups
Very Slow Scan Speed
Poor anti virus & antispyware
Inefficient anti spam & antiphsing
Poor Privacy Control
Backups takes a long time and cause errors
Norton Defrag is just a little better than windows xp or vista.

I feel ur not evaluating but cursing it…

I agree Norton AV sucks. But let’s not forget their firewall which is just as bad as their AV :slight_smile:

I am not only cursing it. I am bashing it too. Maybe I should add more. Total Waste of Money.
Never try a norton product.


No On Demand Scanner & cannot scan a single file on demand. You have do a full scan
dis is really stupid.

But i read somewhere, pcmag?download.com?, says its better dan NIS.

so conclusion:

Never try a norton product.

The only good thing of norton is the symantec description virus site! Lol :smiley:

Yes, their virus descriptions make really for an interesting reading.

Maybe one day they will include their great knowledge in their detection database and removal routines as well? Who knows?

When there’s no fine security company out there that hasn’t been already killed by them, maybe then they will really decide to kill malware, too? I mean, any serious 'n mean serial killer needs fresh victims from time to time, so why would Symantec make a difference here?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I agree :slight_smile:

I once had NIS and it was totaly ■■■■ :frowning:

Greetz, Red.

good thing about Norton & symantec :

we can easily find their illegal software (:TNG)
aladinonl can explain it better ;D

I have had to manually remove malware from machines, and the malware doesn’t put up as much of a fight as Norton ;D

I had to do a complete reformation of a hard drive because of Norton Anti Virus 2003

yeah, there’s serious issue regarding norton/symantec uninstallation (:AGY) . why such a giant security company like symantec can’t make a better user friendly program? or maybe they’re waaaaaaayyy too smart than most people in the world ???

BUT, we need to be fair right?
what’s the worst AV of 2007, maybe we should vote :
well, i never use it, but there are many complaints about CAVS 1.1, mostly about
uninstallation issue and worse ==> poor detection rate.
i love the CAVS 2 btw. (R)


oh no, CAVS is not shortlisted 4 dis award since its in Beta :slight_smile:

ok then. ;D

Don,t know about 2007 norton! but i had 2006 norton my pc got hammered so i now steer clear! 2007 bitdefender 10 free it made my pc pensionable but apparently it,s quite good with detection.

(:AGL)That is a good choice. I am using Bitdefender 2008(v11). You should upgrade to it more powerful than version 10 & higher detection rates than v10 & lighter than nod32 in using system resources!!!. Bitdefender 10 is good but very resource hungry. Also have kaspersky internet security & nod32 as an on demand scanner.

One thing about NORTON too. Very hard to uninstall, have to format my harddisk first. But I heard they have Norton removal tool, never tried it though (:NRD)

woh, u spend heavily for comp security i think unless…

But I heard they have Norton removal tool
another proof for norton's unproductivity and stupidity.

Seems the consensus is that Norton is the worst…no argument from me on that!

The removal tool does do the job to be fair,proving even the worst get the occasional thing right (:TNG)

yup, the occasinally rite thing is created to cure the worst.