What's the update speed for detected apps in this beta ?

I’m wondering how “realtime” will this database be updated with application detection updates for this Beta release(s) ? Let’s say i have an old version of Quicktime :wink: when whould that be detected ?

The DB attempts an update each time a scan is started. At the moment, it appears to update a handful of times a week (sometimes once, sometimes twice). What the release version update schedule will be is anybody’s guess. Maybe someone from Comodo will chip in on this one.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Since last release we have provided four updates.
We are going to release a version on 24th Jun, 2008 and from that release onwards it will be updated on daily basis.
We will add updated database version also in About box.


Just to let everyone know, we have postponed release to 26th Jun, 2008

The features it is going to have:

  1. Windows Patches coverage
  2. Daily updates of database
  3. Option to define Proxy Settings


Thanks for letting us know :). Looking forward to the release on Thursday (esp. proxy settings).


Thanks for the update (R)

Guys, here it is: