what's the rub with KAV and BoClean?

I was having problems with KAV after the SP3 update. I uninstalled KAV which I had on disk and was cut sometime last summer, and didn’t stop me from installing it over 2.4 or BoClean. I DLed the newest release from KAV and it made me uninstall both 2.4 & BoClean. I have BU 'net rules for 2.4 & BoClean installs easily. Should I go ahead and reinstall BoClean since I’ve got KAV configured? Does anyone use BoClean with KAV w/o any problems. thx.

I’ve used BoClean and KAV without any problems.

If you’re wanting to use CPF 3 with Defense+ it’ll work fine as long as you have KAV installed first.