What's the nonsense with the green frame?

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I found this free software and was initially impressed. But then I had to uninstall the program completely. The reason: When I started one of my security programs for my job, the program was wrapped with a green frame. For my program I have to enter 3 security keys with 2048 bit. Which I can insert normally with Copy/Paste. With installed COMODO unfortunately does not work anymore. Not even if you deactivate ALL modules temporarily.

Sorry, but I don’t have the time to enter thousands of characters manually. My keys rotate weekly. Therefore it would be pointless to upgrade the program. Nothing against such functions, but if you can’t (temporarily) disable something like that, it’s complete stupidity. Why can’t programmers think that far ahead?! I understand this as pure arrogance, since the user is assumed to be too stupid to recognize if and when his program is dangerous or not. So I stick with ESET.

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Hi miramanee.

Before I attempt to answer this I will say, by making CIS components ignore file/folder paths you might be putting yourself at additional risk. For example in the event malware is dropped into said file/folder path. I also do not guarantee the accuracy, quality or correctness of the following information, it is provided AS IS and if you choose to use it, you use it fully at your own risk.

The green frame indicates that an executable for the application is likely unknown to Comodo and is therefore running in the Comodo Sandbox.

If you trust the application, you can unblock it from being sandboxed from within the Unblock Applications menu.

You can then clear your sandbox and launch to program again.

Note: Clearing/resetting the CIS Sandbox will close all processes, and delete files that are currently saved, within the CIS Sandbox. If you are unsure, you should check that nothing needed is stored within the sandbox first.

If you do not want to use the Sandbox then you can disable it all together by turning off ‘Auto-Containment’ from the main application menu. Again, after you have disabled it you should make sure to clear your sandbox and then launch the application again. This makes sure that all sandboxed instances of your application are closed.

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Deactivating all CIS components while an application is already running in containment won’t do anything, you need to reset the container, then disable auto-containment, and then re-launch the application. You can also change the file rating of the application that is getting run in containment to trusted so that it won’t run contained again.