what's the latest version


I’d like download new versions of CPF manually (I don’t like things hapening behind my back), but when I go to http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/ page, I see the latest version is 2.3.4


when I look int about window of my installed CPF, I see different number


So, how should I know there’s something fresh for download? :wink:

Thanks for reply…

You have the latest version
If you want to know if there is a new version, just press the update button in CPF, and it will tell you if there is a new version avaliable. If you don’t want to update through that, you can download it manually and do a clean install.
This version is 2.3 and the next stable will be 2.4
Only Betas will be named with all numbers and only posted in this forum.

Thaks for reply, you guessed that, I don’t want comodo to connect to website (I’m aware of so called “anonymous usage statistics” ;D ) Does that mean when I reinstall with new exe, I will have to configure all applications again? (=CPF won’t import settings?)

Yes you have to configure it again… It will be fixed soon i think…
There is a script on this forum, so you can backup your rules. You can import to registry after install. Do a search on it, because i don’t remember where it is… :smiley:

Ic, thanks, I have already found it with regedit. There’s really a key for each application, I think registry will grow to enormous sizes (:SAD)

Maybe It might be better to idea to place rules to “application data” folder, when CPF creates there its folder anyway…

Read this thred… https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2366.0.html
You can download the script there.