whats the fastest way to upload 4GB of malware samples???

I have about 4GB collection of malware of just about every type. For windows and linux.

About the collection, everything is organized and with signature names in categories like win32 banker or agent, dropper etc. some of it comodo detects and alot of it doesn’t. Everything is labeled :slight_smile: A-Z

As long as I don’t infect myself, how should I do this

I sujest you Winrar them all, and send them to a remote server (look here if you don’t know how to do that)

Then upload it to a remote server (I sujest www.Rapidshare.com) and send it to Melih over pm.

Thank you very much !


Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

My computer shows it’ll take an 1 hour to zip it up, so it’ll take some time. But I’m working on it

Rapidshare limits 200mb uploads??

How about this??
Request invitations for Comodo Online Backup [beta] here! 2 GB storage space
Do you think they’ll let me have 2 invitation accounts, that way there is only 2 folders to upload??

Use winRAR and let it split the RAR into multiple files that are less than the minimum. Then upload them.

See? =zz=.

PM Melih and ask. They might have a FTP or something where you can directly upload to. They might give it out to you since you have so much. :slight_smile: If they don’t have an FTP, or SFTP, SCP, some other secure means of transfer, maybe they can have a dedicated server set up for that since it would be easier to directly upload to them rather than go through 3rd party servers like RapidShare. The submit thing from the CIS GUI is nice for a few files, but not gigs worth, so for people like you, they should invest in a secure upload facility. Even a web page based one is fairly cool and that would make sure no one can download the uploaded files. :wink: Or some other secure means to make sure that the files can only be upped instead of downloaded. There are some security options for FTP Servers, but not much. A nice SSH transfers over SSH would allow all that and make the logins secure as well. You can use WinSCP for that transfer client. ^^ SCP would be the way to go and OpenSSH is free. :stuck_out_tongue: So, it would cost little for Comodo to do so.

Just some suggestions.

I can create an ftp account on my server for this purpose if still needed.

I can create an ftp account on my server for this purpose if still needed.
I splitting the files down to 64mb's each with a password. Then I'll upload it to rapidshare (or similar place) and PM melih with the download links

If all else fails I’ll PM you for FTP. If I can’t get it right :slight_smile:


New update
I can’t seem to be spilting the files right with 7-zip or winrar.

I’ll take you up on your offer for the FTP thing or even a remote desktop(if its easier for you) and you can take a copy from there and upload it for me. I’m close to giving up on it. Or any other staff or mod wants to

I have 2 folders of the same thing.

  1. 1 folder is highly compressed to 2.01 GB
  2. The other is 6 GB’s uncrompressed <----Sorry, I though it was 4 GB’s uncompressed. I was close :slight_smile:

If no one can help here, I’ll eventually PM Melih for a solution that doesn’t involve spilting files

If someone in staff or a Mod that would like a copy of this or maybe just a specific section like just bankers or rootkits. (Something like that, Just PM me and tell me how to transfer it to you. I know some of the mods here like to play with the malware samples. (testing and stuff)


I will be online most of the day, so if you want, I can try to do this over teamview?