Whats the difference between HackerGuardian and HackerProof?


The Subject says it all.

I know hackerproof includes:
. The HackerProof Trust Mark
. A daily vulnerability scan
. A web-based management tool
. PCI Scanning
. SiteInspector

With HackerGuardian, I also get Vulnerability Scan and PCI scanning.

So whats really the difference between them, besides the Trustmark?
Both of them do the same thing when we talk about the scanning?

If you’re not getting an answer on the forums then go to Comodo Support and raise a ticket on your query. Alternatively, each Enterprise product page contains a Contact an expert link which might suit your needs.

HackerProof is HackerGuardian Enterprise + Trustmark with daily scanning. It contains 20 IPs/Domains and 1 HackerProof device license. The IPs/Domains can be increased with an Additional IP address pack. It also includes some of our own custom written plugins.

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Compliancy is for those that don’t need constant scanning as this contains 10 scans across 5IP/Domains in a given quarter (90 days) Additional IPs can be obtained via an IP Address pack. This does not have the ability to scan local network devices.

  1. What do you mean by “1 HackerProof device lincese”?
  2. Its this license for network device? Any chance to purchase additional device licenses?

Thanks for this important explanation.
I didnt see the difference between both services very clearly, on the website (like a comparisons or something).

Thank you for taking the time for explaining in such an easy and detailed way.

Good day! :wink: