What's the best registry cleaner for Vista Ulitmate?

I have used CCleaner for a long time now.

But I don’t know if it is the best registry cleaner for Vista.

What would you guys suggest?

I have always used CCleaner…I think it may not clean the most, but it is safe (unlike some).

But is it good for Vista?

I’ve been using it in XP, and I trust it with XP. But is it good with Vista? I am new to Vista. The darn thing doesn’t have Add and Remove Programs in its Control Panel.

Look in Control Panel/Programs and Features.

BTW CCleaner is good with XP/Vista and 7, it does what it does very well, dont get hung up on registry cleaning it doesnt make much differance.


Also for your winzip problem you could try reinstalling then uninstall with something like http://www.revouninstaller.com/. Just make sure to go through the registry entries and only tick the bolded boxes.

Easycleaner is good.
But CCleaner is safer than Easycleaner.

Keep using it.

I never did a registry clean. I will never do it. I don’t belive it is necessary under normal circumstances; only if there is something specificaly wrong. And then you will use a specific program like an uninstaller or a malware removal software.
Most so called cleaners will only screw up things. And the reliable ones won’t make a difference.

If you want to do a common sense test of where this snake oil programs stand in the overall software world just Google “registry cleaner” with WOT enabled and see the number of orange and red circles.

After running a cleanup and reg fix with CCleaner, a friend’s older laptop became much faster.

Even if the speed of the computer was the same, CCleaner is an easy way to clean out junk. Just one scan removed about 1.5 GB of temp files from different apps.

With an older computer…1.5GB is a lot. 88)

Hi Laser.
I was talking about the registry only.

Oh lol.

Well it can free some space by making it smaller…

Thanks for all the input you guys.

But I must apologize. I feel like such a dumb-dumb:

You see, I didn’t realize that you can drag down the start menu → all programs of vista, unlike xp.

Lo and behold, when I drag down, there is was, WINZIP and even a very old google search thingie that this old winzip installed.

Thank goodness I didn’t empty my recycling bin yet, so I was able to restore the winzip installation file.

I reinstalled, and I uninstalled.

Problem solved.

At least now I know that CCleaner is good for vista. Thanks you guys.