Whats really going on? Where - who is controlling and tracking Comodo DNS?

Hi, just doing some due diligence before deploying Comodo DNS across 150 servers and 1500+ workstations. When I do a DNS leak test (from USA) , the results returned are to .x.x.x (no-dns-yet.ccanet.co.uk , CCANet Limited ,United Kingdom) So I guess the published DNS’s and are just pointers / lookups to relay to the closest geographical DNS server (similar to Level3, , ?

BUT, when I do a NSLOOKUP without a url, or with a known bad url, the DNS server returned is (inetnum: - netname: HETZNER-ONLINE-AG-VIRTUALISIERUNG-POOL13)

So, is this the actual virtual servers that Comodo DNS lookup is hosted on?

Just to satisfy my curiosity and give some piece of mind, what is really going on when I resolve a name with ComodoDNS?

Who has access to the records of web sites requested and how long are they retained?

What is the privacy policy of Comodo and its third party vendors in regards to all the data collected on DNS lookups from an IP address?

Does Comodo publish a document that states its privacy agreement with third party vendors? (As if there is ANY privacy using anyone’s internet services)

Please can someone reply to the above post, also having issues with comodo DNS and finding CCANET IP’s showing in DNS Leak tests which is a concern considering i had never seen these IP’s or heard of CCANET until i found a few posts which linked them to Comodo, one of the google searches i found had blacklisted the IP’s for various reasons, i want to know more so i can decide whether to continue with Comodo DNS.

*After having a quick look through this forum i see numerous unanswered posts asking the same questions relating to privacy policy, not found one with a reply yet.

Hi and welcome nona1,
Erics reply 3 in the link below might help shed some light on your questions about ‘Ccanet’.
Database Update

Policies in the links below.

Hope that helps.


You are welcome.