What's Purge as opposed to Remove in My Pending Files? [Resolved]

Hi everyone,
Regarding Comodo firewall V3:
I’m still a bit unclear on what Purge does in the “My Pending Files” window, and there doesn’t appear to be any help for what the “Remove” button does.
The naming of the buttons suggests that one button “purges” files from the list, whereas the other “removes” files from the list.
The (very) obvious having been said, what’s the difference between removing and purging? It’s a little confusing to me that there needs to be two buttons.
Does either remove files from the hard drive, or just the list in the “My pending files” window?
For my benefit, and others, would someone like to clarify the purpose of these buttons, please?
Thanks for your trouble,
Roger. :slight_smile:

Hi rogerval

Here is what the help files say about the purge button.

Use the ‘Purge’ feature to scan the list for files that no longer exist on your system and remove them from the "My Pending Files’ list.


Remove is similar Move to ‘my own safe files’. Once removed, the file will be treated as safe. I guess moving to ‘my own safe files’ would have the benefit of giving you a log of what you previously moved whereas Remove would not. It’s all about the list, nothing else.

Al (I never did like that Comodo Loves Me Title) Adric

I think Move actually moves to a place of your choice (safe or quarantine), but Remove will cause the files to be listed again as Defense+ notice that they’re executed.


Here is a better explanation from Egemen.


Thanks for your help, guys, it’s much appreciated. ;D
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