What's new in v. 1.2.18314.4?

Please, specify changes in this version.

So no improvements from V1.2.18240.4 to v.1.2.18314.4 or just bug fix? ???

im not sure. i just noticed that the version you asked about is newer then the latest post. i guess lets see if someone from comodo gives us an update

Hi, guys, in 1.2.18314.4, we have improved:

  • Enhanced the android malware data base to cover more latest malware
  • Supported lower resolution, 240x320
  • Optimize Google map link to support phones with non-English language and facilitate users to locate the phone using PC browser

In addition, this version will be published to Android Market.

Thanx a lot! :-TU

when are you guys going to give cms defense against being uninstalled like a normal app it through cms itself

Pls stop spamming, staff is aware of this problem.

Thank you, morphiusz