What's coming with Beta 2

Hello all beta testers,

We appreciate all the diligent work and feedback. Just to keep you informed as to how things are moving, here’s a glimpse at the changes you will see in beta 2, many addressing feedback we’ve received thusfar:

Console/dashboard user interface improvements:
-Improved navigation in all panorama-style screens, including visual cues as to console functionality, including how the tiles animate when entering screens where tiles are not shown on-screen, and how ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ are achieved; also improvements to clickable link styling.
-Improved sizing of Active Tiles to support smaller screen resolutions, and an expanded clickable region in the Tile itself.
-Additional help resources in-context, including a help link on the login screen and a newly expanded Getting Started Tile on the dashboard with link to online help
-Improved use of color cues in computer icons and bubble-up of color as status to groups
-Ability to collapse all computers listings using single click action showing only groups
-About page with information about the installation
-Security certificate import methods for eliminating the SSL self-signed error

Agent and Deploy Wizard:
-The agent deployment wizard will track available licenses
-Improved scripting parameters of the Agent setup so external deployment scripts can be used via group policy/logon script
-Improved tracking of endpoints having Agent installed for re-installation
-Improved progress indication on Agent deployment, Internet Security product download percentage
-Ability to observe successful deployment details
-Improved incompatible products uninstallation.

Glen Marianko
– Product Manager

GREAT! Good work Glen and ESM dev team!

When its beta 2 available for download?