What would your 10 things be you'd take to a desert island?

So, you have to live on a desert island and you can take 10 things (for any one that knows BBC Radio2 this will be familiar) The items should be small and personal, for example your favourite song, book, movie etc.

A tent, My dog, a gun, sleeping bag, pillow, a BBQ and a carton.

Practical Kyle :slight_smile:


  1. Food
  2. Tent
  3. Water purifier (or water if no good natural water)
  4. Big battery
  5. Laptop with satellite internet ( ;D) (if there is such thing lol)
  6. Bazooka
  7. Machine gun
  8. BOAT!
  9. Shovel
  10. AND…CLOTHES! 88)

I’d take one of my college lecturers and leave her there >:-D

Is she hot? You could take me, and leave me there too.

Trust me Kyle, you wouldn’t like to look at her for more than 1 second. She can kill everyone with her eyes ;D.
And BTW she’s about 70 and therefore far from hot.

hmm, it depends … 88)
live on desert for how long? how many people on that desert? is there water supply nearby? hotels maybe?
Las Vegas is on desert 88) do they accept credit card or cash only?what currency? is there any vehicle available?

hmmm… 88)


house with furniture and stuff
Comodo Internet Security
windmill for energy
of course a boat to get of that ■■■■ island again
an airplane (if I don’t want to use the boat)
an oil platform (for the boat and plane)
sattelite telephone
a laptop

but I guess these answers are everything you didn’t want to hear ;D



Hey Ganda, I got one for you. LOL!

You dug this up from over a year ago!

  1. Laptop

  2. A boat

  3. Boat Fuel

  4. Clothes

  5. Food

I only need this.

10 things to take with me to a desert Island,

  1. Bible
  2. Dictionary
  3. notepad with couple thousand empty pages
  4. couple hundred pens
  5. tent
  6. aprox 16000 Gallons of water Silver Pan
  7. 3 sheeps (2 Female 1 boy)
  8. 3 camels (2 female 1 boy)
  9. sunglasses
    10th and final item… Reading Glasses…

and kiss me goodbye :slight_smile: I would love to do this … anyone have 16000 Gallons of water i can barrow?


Well i have to see the man about the hose. :-[

It’s a desert island - as in a deserted island in the sea, lots of water there for you. :wink:

ah, well thanks :slight_smile: then just change the gallons of water to a Silver Pan

1 phone ! : :smiley:

Is the Island cold if so clothes, clothes, blankets,blankets, more clothes and blankets also an aircraft to visit civilization every now and again. If the Island is hot all of the above except for the clothes and blankets.

So just a plane then if its hot ;D Whats that film where Harrison Ford crashes his plane on an island (conveniently with a hot chick), i think one of the Friends characters was in it…

If this is the case it won’t matter if the Island is hot or cold.

  1. Desalination device (can make infinite fresh water from the salt water!)
  2. Sunblock
  3. Sun glasses
  4. First aid kit
  5. duct tape (you can do make anything with duct tape)
  6. Fishing supplies (pole with fishing line and hooks, and fishing net)
  7. flint & steel
    8 ) Tent
  8. Knife
  9. A fully staffed and fully fueled private yacht in case I want to make an easy exit.