what will be changed in CAVS3?

I did a quick search but didnt find exactly what I was looking for. I was wondering if their was a post stating all the upgrades, enhancements, and changes for CAVS3. Or if anyone knows what they are please feel free to list them.

Thank you.

We can’t really answer your question, because we haven’t even seen a Beta of CAVS 3, but Melih (Comodo’s CEO) promises us that the detection will be much better than in CAVS 2, the application will be lighter and the scanning will be much faster :slight_smile:
Plus we will have an opportunity to get our hands on CIS (Comodo Internet Security), which will be modular (means you will choices what apps to install) and include such things as Comodo Firewall, Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Memery Firewall and maybe other things :slight_smile:

That’s all I know :a0

EVERYTHING Will be improved.

Memory Usage, Brand new GUI, New Engine (Obviously CAVS v3), Expanded Database (Virus researchers in India, UK, US, Ukraine, etc), New HIPS Component & more! It’s following the tracks off CFP 3 basically. The AV Team is growing & everyone is getting put into CAVS 3 and Comodo Internet Security (CIS)- Which at first will just be CFP 3 and CAVS 3.

The Beta is expected end off July.


It’s nearly the end of July :smiley:


It’s even nearer now!!

didnt the release date get pushed back again?

Don’t know, probably. last I saw it was July after being pushed from June…

Please post your release date and anticipation messages here:

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See the following topic for last known / provided CAVS 3 release date messages: Release Date.

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