What types of threats can "Scan my system" find?

What types of threats can “Scan my system” tool find? I mean viruses, dialers, worms, adware or something else. And how many threat signatures does v3 contain?

The scanner in Comodo is more so when your first installing Comodo to be sure your system is clean. Do not use it as a replacement for well known av’s or as’s. What av are you uisng now?

avast! 4.7 Home Edition :slight_smile:

Avast 4.8 is out now. I use it myself along with SuperAntiSpyware free edition.

What do you think about Avira free and AVG free? Somebody recommended PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition. Did you use it?

The built in scanner in comodo I think searches for the same types of malware that CAVS is searching for. I think they share the same database. Btw some users reported false positives, so be careful.
I am using avira free without any problems. According to av-comparatives it has a very good detection rate, but you know those are just tests…(note that only the paid version scans for spyware and adware…but you can use separate on demand scanners for that) And it does not hog my system at all. But I think it is really up to personal preference…If you are satisfied with Avast you don’t need to change. And you can always try others without any financial obligation.


I use Avira Antivi PE Premium on one of my machines and Avira Antivi Personal (Free Edition) on another. As far as protection is concerned the biggest difference between the two (that I can tell) is that with Avira Antivi Personal (Free Edition) you do not have POP 3 email AV scanning; and protection against adware and spyware. Not a big deal because I am running CFP, BOClean, and a few other on-demand malware and spyware scanners. With Avira Antivi Personal you also can only get one update every 24 hours.

Anyway, check out the AV comparison charts below and see for yourself.



AVG isn’t as good as Avast. Avira free bugs you to upgrade. PC Tools is junk. Look at the latest AV Comparatives. I highly recommend using the Avast updater to update the latest version to 4.8.


Guys (girls?), you can all post your beloved AV programs here:

This thread and board specifically is asking for CFP’s built-in on-demand scanner and its scope. Please stay on-topic.

Thank ya.