what type of encryption

  1. Is the encryption file based, or disk based?

    Your documentation says it will encrypt any disk.
    Your documentation also says you can use it to encrypt files.
    These two conflict with each other.

    The video says it encrypts it encrypts data.
    This tells me nothing.

  2. I installed the program.

    It sees all 3 of my internal drives.
    It sees my external usb hard disk.

    It cannot see any of my usb memory sticks.

    Is the program supposed to work on memory sticks?

  3. If the program is disk based encryption, will it encrypt
    my system disk C:?

    Is this safe?

Thanks, Steve …

It’s been 17 days sience I posted this question.
There have been 242 reads.

But there has not been any (0) response from
a Comodo person.

It’s not about a problem that might take research.
I simply want to know how the product sorks.

What does this say about Comodo support?
What does this say about Comodo Products?

I’m not a happy camper.

Anyway, Steve …

Hey Steve; Sorry I didnt see your post until now.

To quickly answer your questions
the Encryption ‘I Believe’ is disk based

I believe it doesnt encrypt memory sticks far as i know but it does encrypt anything possible with NTFS … (I’ve noticed it wont encrypt my FAT32 Flash Drive but it will with my other NTFS Flash Drive…
; It will if you wish it to encrypt your Partition.

Does this help any?


Yes, thank you.

I will test it on C:. Image backup first though.

Steve …


COMODO Disk Encryption 2.0 BETA is availavle for download.

The encryption is performed at disk level. You will be able to encrypt any disk. On the fly.
You will be able to mount encrypted virtual disks
you will be able to encrypt files using encrypted zips.

Why encrypting the USB stick? You may do a trick: Mount an encrypted virtual disk and save it on the USB memory stick. In this case you will have a private area on your memory stick, and you will be able to access that private area form any other computers where CDE is installed.

Thank you for choosing COMODO Disk Encryption.