What To Use with VISTA?

Gosh - I hope I’m not asking an out of place question, but I’m a little stuck. I’ve been using Comodo with my XP desktop and laptop, but just bought a basic Dell Laptop (1405 model) that uses VISTA for the OS. Since Comodo is not VISTA ready, I’m trying to decide what to use until it is? I need the small resource footprint because this machine had only 1GB shared memory. I’m probably going to install NOD32 AV because of it’s combined effectiveness and minimal resource drain.

I’m researching and asking around…and this is one place whose expertise I respect.


NOD32 is definitely a nice AV. But for firewall…I don’t have Vista (nor do I intend to install it), so for that you can try the included Windows firewall (ugh! never expected to give out that advice to anyone ;D) until CF version 3 is finalized. I only “recommend” that because I assume the Vista firewall is built into the OS just like the XP firewall, so resources should be lighter than almost any other 3rd party firewall. Be aware that by default it doesn’t turn on outbound protection (at least from what I’ve read so far).

Install XP, more stable than Vista :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the obvious answer, but Doug is seeking a difficult answer 8)

Thanks, but that is not a viable option now.

Jetico is the current 2nd strongest FW reported against leak tests that’s Vista supported, but it’s the most difficult to understand and tedious to configure:

On his site, it also lists other Vista firewalls here with the