What to do if files are isolated [v5]

In most cases you don’t need to do anything. That’s the power of the sandbox. It will protect you while CIS looks up the file to see if it is safe, or submits it for analysis if it’s not on the safe list. In most cases your software will run as normal.

If for any reason it does not run as normal:

  • If you know the file is safe, remove it from the sandbox by clicking on ‘Don’t isolate it again’, or by going to Defense+ ~ Unrecognised files and chosing to move the file to trusted files. If many safe files are being sandboxed it’s easier to use unrecognised files and make them all safe in one go. Then restart the file or files or reboot. In a few cases this may not work, and you may need to use the techniques here.
  • If you don’t know it is safe, try re-starting the file (or rebooting) to see if it is sandboxed again - CIS may have looked it up meanwhile. If it is please leave it sandboxed, and wait until it is pronounced safe or otherwise by CIS’s background manual analysis process (this may take weeks). You may be able to speed this up by submitting it here. As a quick but less certain alternative use Comodo’s automated analysis services here. If you are getting repeated alerts during this period you can try the workarounds.

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Updated: 17 March 2013, to reflect changes up to CIS version 5.12.xx