What to backup prior to a windows OS format re-install?


Comodo Firewall has been recording and remembering things since forever. Now I must re-format my hard drive and reinstall my OS.
So obviously I do not want to start the process of clicking and clicking pop up windows. So what do I need to back up–what files or registry entries? and how

Thank you

My search b4 my question here provided answers that were 3 years old and no longer apply.

OS: Windows XP Home SP3

If you are running V3.0 or higher, open the firewall and click


Highlight the ACTIVE config and select EXPORT
Give the exported config a name and click OK
Copy this file to an external device
Once you have re-installed Windows and CIS, do the reverse and import this file.
Once imported, remember to make this imported configuration ACTIVE.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: