What the ... did you do to COMODO?

So, i’ve been a comodo user for quite some time now, the best firewall i’ve ever used, when came with the AV , even better stuff.


First the option to " treat as a trusted app" has gone
Single google search found out a topic on these forums with the exact same problem.
(This one:https://forums.comodo.com/help-for-v3/how-can-i-add-a-website-to-a-safe-list-t24870.0.html;prev_next=next)

Recomendation, re-install comodo.

Ok, i can do that

After install and reboot , i was surprised by the new looks, but something else suprised me.

My riva tuner was “sandboxed” and i couldn’t negate that because right after my pinnacle game profiler showed me an error message.

Solved riva tuner problem, ok

Repaired pinnalce install…


Uninstall and reinstall…

Still nothing.

Used revo uninstaller to unninstall , then re installed.


Tried to execute a few things.

Sandboxed half of my system. (ok, not half but you get the idea.)

As 1 app tried to execute, another one comes in and the sandbox “box” is gone, and so on.

Got pisses, uninstalled comodo

All is simply perfect now…

So ahn, the hole meaning to this thread is:

  1. Expose my personal anger to latest comodo developers who’s rendered an excelent software to a 43mb of trash in my HD


  1. Can someone give me a link to older version?

Where i can have my options back, and choose what the system learns, and then everything is good.

Not some crazy lame security suite that blocks everything and i can’t do *hit about it.

Thank you very much.

You can turn the sandbox off.

I’m not using V4 yet so I can’t explain how, but there are posts around here detailing how to make V4 behave like V3.

Thanks for the quick reply man.

Well, that’s really a start , but what really worries me is other software conflicts

In the pinnacle game profile “case” per say, no error messages were displayed and even when i tried to reinstall the installer gave me a error message BEFORE comodo.

Btw, just reinstalled v3, everything back to normal.

Not sure if i wanna lose 3 more hours between downloading, testing,configuring,rebooting, rebooting, etc etc like i just did.