What songs are Comodo Fans listening to right now?

Please tell us, whenever you’ve got time for telling us.

I will start with:

Golden Earring: Everyday’s torture (1969)

Oh, I forgot: Would be nice if you’d also add the year when the song was released.

Smooth = Santana feat rob thomas (kinda old eh?)

I did always prefer older Santana to newer Santana, indeed…

The Stranglers current album Suite XI. Back to their best. Stuart

Didn’t know they’re back. Can you tell us a bit about the new songs?

Koi Shika Nakatta right at this moment (I’m into j-music :D)

Yes, you are. Without any doubts here :slight_smile:

Now playing:

Blodwyn Pig: Same old story (1970)

Lynryd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn to name a few. Kinda old stuff but I still like it loud.

Not dead yet!!! ;D


All three of those you just mentioned are really fine homebrew rock/blues musicians…

How about old Stevie “Guitar” Miller? (I heard somewhere he’s still alive and continues to tour the states, is that really true?)

If you know the stranglers its like a mix of the hugh cornwell era songs! ie aggresive, melodic and ballad in equal measure with a fine new singer in baz warne(paul roberts who replaced hugh left and the songs came back) Give it a listen you wont be disappointed. Ps I like most music apart from american poodle rock.

LOL. Not a fan of Steve Miller but yes he is not dead and I think he probably still tours. I listen to a lot of stuff but mostly those 3.


I am truly aware of that Steve Miller’s Music turned out to be increasingly shitty for the most since 1979.

But, and you can’t take that away from him, he DID in fact do great songs from 1969 to 1977, but most people won’t ever know I guess.

Still, cheers…:slight_smile:

Now listening to:

Lucifer’s Friend: Mother (1973)

One of the strangest and greatest ballads ever.

But I fear you won’t be able to prove otherwise at the moment, still, a REALLY rare album.

One of the real delicacies in musical history, but surely not for everyone’s taste (still, for most)

Oh yes, I confess:

I also like Ultravox: Quartet era


Captain Beefheart: Save as milk (1966)

I’ve always loved music that’s some what against so-called mainstream

Currently listening to some Stevie Ray Vaughn - Pride And Joy

now i’m listening to “love will keep us alive” ;D i feel old already


Anime, J-music ? are you japanese Soya? hey any news about Ayumi Hamasaki? (i don’t like the music, but she’s pretty;) )

I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie Ray two months before he was killed. One of the best concerts I have ever attended and I have been to quite a few in my lifetime.


Pretty Things: Is it only love (1975)

Dang… I wish i could’ve gone to see his concerts. Very Talented guitarist :slight_smile: