What sites does V.E work with?

I have now got your Verification Engine but I want to know what sites work with it as I have gone to a few big name sites ie amazon and play and a few others but had no green broader round my browser and I also went to this site but still no green broader but the icon in your bottom right hand corner worked

any banks in the US
it should work with majority of the major sites…
did you see it working with any site yet?



As Melih said it does work with many major sites. What browser are you using?

firefox 1.5 and I.E 6 and I did log on to google but no green broader and no still not working?

Hello Patrice58,

I’m DownUnder in Oz & pleased to report that VE works with my bank/building society/ebay/yahoo & google - i noticed that, on a couple of those sites, i had to wait a little after the page was completely loaded for authentication notice; thus far they’ve all i’ve tried since installing it only a few minutes ago. I’m using Firefox v

braindrained (R)

for verification to work the page has to be loaded up fully.
we are working very hard to create a comprehensive database of validated sites. so far we have majority of banks and larger enterprises.


yeah I do wait for the web page to be fully loaded but still nothing hmmmm I don’t think I am doing anything wrong but fir some weird reason V.E does not seem to like me or my computer

pls uninstall and then reinstall…

if this does not work. let us know…

May I ask who decides, or how is the decision made, which pages of a trusted web site are to be given VE Green Boarder status? If this is via the VE Database the following is understood although unresolved.

There appears to be opposing choices dependant upon the web site visited. I am aware, but do not pretend to fully understand the underlying technology, of the “time out” scenario of some e.g. “Sign On” pages for security reasons.

Some sites seem able to accommodate Green Boarders on every page, an ideal situation IMHO, it is accepted that pages accessible via secure “Log/Sign On” will not be verifiable through VE. I consider any financial transaction “Sign On” area to be of paramount importance, especially if it is possible to access that page from a link. Even if that link produces a “Timed Out Page” in turn containing a link which opens a fresh “Sign On Page” my concern is that verification is essential, or at least, strongly desirable at that point. This scenario can be played out on one financial institution that I use.

The following examples of a few trial results:

In FF2
Main page:
http://www.barclays.co.uk = Nil Green Boarders
Sub page:
Personal banking | Barclays = Nil Green Boarders
Sub page:
Business banking | Barclays = Nil Green Boarders
Sub page:
Premier Banking | Barclays = Nil Green Boarders

From the Personal Banking Page Clicking ”Log On” button
Log On page:
https://ibank.barclays.co.uk/olb/t/LoginMember.do = Green Boarders

Also in FF2
Main page:
http://www.nationwide.co.uk/default.htm = Green Boarders
Sign On page:
Internet Bank | Login | Nationwide = Nil Green Boarders

Still in FF2
Main page:
https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/player/p/home/home.do =Green Boarders on every page tested [i.e. all that I use like Main/Sign On/ Lotto/Euro Millions/Buy Ticket/Purchased Ticket/My Account/etc].

If these verifications are achieved by users requesting a particular page for inclusion in the VE Database then I missed that point. My understanding was only with respect to the requirement for notification of the Organisation address. Observing the haphazard end result lead to an assumption that perhaps the individual organisations assigned verification to their individual pages. The latter observation is not surprising given the enormity of the task if it is controlled from a single Database.

I look forward to seeing that comforting Green Glow and would be willing to assist in its growth. Is there any way in which members can help other than suggesting INDIVIDUAL pages.

Sincere thanks for providing this invaluable service.

I, too, am having problems with the border. I installed, then reinstalled and still no border. I have gone to many big sites, like Chase, Ebay and some of the suggested websites other people suggested. Is there an on, off feature?
internet explorer 6
Windows xp
250 g
intel pentium 4
2.66 g
Cyber Power custom configured


I have never had it work with I.E 6 or 7 but it works with firefox (non safe mode) no there is no on or off feature not unless you uninstall of course hope that helps :slight_smile: