what should i go with for an AV

??? I didnt feel safe with avast so i want to switch to nod32 i am just wondering if nod is all that good i want something fairly light (plz dont answer with kaspersky l like kaspersky but it is a resource hog). but i just want to get some recommendations of some software to protect my computer or could you tell me if nod is good enough (i will not get comodo). :embarassed: why am i asking this on the comodo fourm shoulda asked on yahoo. oh well

why am i asking this on the comodo fourm shoulda asked on yahoo. oh well
Hahaha, I can see why, but anyway

Avira and F-secure are also good too.

While, there all good products. It basicly comes down to if it’ll work right on YOUR computer(not someone else’s PC ) and which ever one you FEEL comfortable with using. Just keep trying until you find something that’ll meets your standards :-TU

I know you guys always get questions liek this well i got a dell XPS 630I i could run kaspersky on their but it wouldnt run as fast but i like kaspersky it is good but overpriced and a resource hog. (i dont know why i said that again.) i also have a tashiba satellite l455 it isnt the fastest but i am trying nod and it works so much faster but how good is nod at detecting and removing and blocking malware and all that other garbage. :-\ but what i am basically asking is nod a good peice of software some of the other ones you said are good i will keep them in my list but i am lookign at cost to nod isnt to expensive for an antivirus i dont want vipre because it doesnt have a self defense module

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To be honest I would run CIS as a complete suite (10MB on ram, no cpu when idle almost) if that’s not an option I will for Avast because it give the best features for free. disable the sandbox feature.

Valentin N

Where is MSE in that poll? I think Microsoft security essential should be your number two pick after CIS (if you got vista or windows 7 installed) If you got windows XP then Avast should be your number 2 pick. If you for some reason are unhappy with CIS own anivirus.

I came to this conclusion doing no testing whatsoever. :-TU

I have to agree with you Celsius, MSE does deserve a mention.

Your choice would be ok.
Without sounding rude ( Not meaning to take over your thread), in what way did Avast make you feel unsafe? Also why would you not choose CAV? I know it is your personal choice, but your reasons here may help with recommendations. Kind regards.

lets first learn about the problems that makes us require an AV. Then you can choose your choice of AV.