what service can i expect?

comodo asks me to state the problem; gb techs do not read this; pl fix
2. omodo takes long gb chat silences before connecting; then after 1 hour, when i go aaway to eat something, when i come back the tech has disconnected because i was not there! pl fix.
3. comodo disconnects without warning in chat. keeping me holding 1 hour +; m in new session the tech tells me the connection dropped. pl fix
4. techs dont answer questions or complaints beyond meaningless polite res[ponses which do nto address the complaint. pl fix.
5. techs ask for details they should connect to find out eg BSOD tech details; must I copy the tech info with all the zeros? unreasonable ask? pl fix.
6. other techs manage to connect immediately withou fuss and find out the problem with event viewer BSOD view etc/ why should I do this if GB says they want us to sit back? pl fix.
techs dont read the comments or forget what they read in chat and I have to repeat myself. pl fix.
7. techs sometimes dont’ understand more than a simple question or cannot carry complex issues, forcing me to repeat myself in simple short messages and carry the ideas not as I think them but later when I may forget them.
8 techs need to be user centric not self centred looking at their convenience, and not the client’s easy interface.