What "security suite" to use?

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I am using Comodo Firewall Pro + BOClean + Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic just a few days, and I am very happy with it group of solutions. (V)

But I would like to know if you suggest (or if it is necessary) the use of an anti-spyware with real time protection (like for example Spyware Terminator) to “complete” the package. Do you think that it is necessary?

I am asking it because until a few days ago I was using a security suite that had all of this options included.

What do you think? And what “pack” of solutions do you use? (I’m curious) :■■■■

I recommend spysweeper, its light and quite good at blocking and removing malware. If you want an even lighter solution try Counterspy V2. A heavier alternative is Spyware Doctor (not one of my favs)

But each should serve you well.

I would say to use Superantispyware pro for realtime antispyware protection, you can find some specials for lifetime updates for $19.99, it’s nice and light…and powerful! (:KWL)

I also recommend SUPERAntispyware!


I recommend Spyware doctor only for scanning. It offers the best protection, and best definitions but its just a major resource hog.

The best free antivirus is probably Avira AntiVir. It’s been tested a lot, and has the highest detection rates out of all the free antiviruses.

I personally, didn’t like the interface the umbrella was quite annoying, so I used Avast for a long time. You can edit its skins, it has boot scanning, and the definitions are great, it also has great protection system featuring a P2P shield, Web Shield, Network Shield, and the Standard Shield. All those are constantly running scanning your system and uses verryyy low resources. You will never notice it running in the back ground. Another con with it, is you can’t run scheduled scans.

Its got great features but im not entirely sure how well it performs.

Here’s my setup:
Comodo Firewall Pro with Defense+ in Paranoid Mode, Avira AntiVir Free, Comodo Memory Firewall, TeaTimer, Sandboxie then Firefox with NoScript and Adblock Plus. Also using Spybot and SpywareBlaster’s immunize functions.
Spybot and Spyware Terminator as on-demand scanners.


Just to answer your question:

IMHO, SpywareTerminator is a great addition and NOT a resource hog.

also, the immunizing function of Spybot S&D (over 80000 reg entries at this moment) is still a thing to be more than recommended.

(Just don’t use the tea timer of Spybot S&D!)


Just take a look at Ragwing’s setup.
It’s not bad at all (maybe a bit overblown, but that’s not my opinion).
It’s rather intelligent.
Maybe add “prefbar” addon to FF and you have a rather fine and secure setup (whatever that means nowadays…)

I use :
-AVAST free
-CFW v3(D+=Train with Safe Mode; FW= Custom Policy Mode)
-Win Patrol

On demand:
-AVG AS free
-Spybot S&D(always installed,it’s a classic,hehehe)

and Returnil when i test a program.

I used Spyware Terminator, but i noticed when i have had installed it, installs slow down a lot.

The problem is that programs aren’t free,hehehe.

Spyware Blaster = must. It takes no resources at all… bad thing is it only updates twice a month… but it protects you from a few nasties.

But there well worth the money. Here is my set up.

Antispyware: Spysweeper
Firewall: Zonealarm PRO
Antivirus: NOD32
Hardware: Zonealarm secure router G100 (with SPI and antivirus/antispyware)

Never had a problem and I dont expect a problem :wink:

It offers protection to maybe 90-95% of all malware (we can only guess this number), so it’s not overblown until it’s over 100% (which will never happen) :wink:
Anyways, I don’t think the addon prefbar is anything for me, since it won’t do anything for me.
Block JavaScript, already done by NoScript. Block pop-ups, I never had a pop-up when I don’t want since I got Firefox. Colors… Well, if I don’t want colors I’ll just brake my graphic card :smiley:
Clear cache and clear history isn’t needed since I run Firefox in Sandboxie, and it empties itself after Firefox is closed.
User agent spoof, I don’t see why it’s necessary, but I’m using Googlebot anyways :smiley:
And I’ll include my famous list of services I have set to automatic (might offer some protection since malware might require them to use an vulnerability in Windows, tho they can turn it on themselves):
Event Log
Plug and Play
Remote Procedure Cal (RPC)
Windows Audio
Windows Management Instrumentation

I could disable Event Log, but it might be good sometime if you get a problem which won’t cause a BSoD.
Windows Installer needs DCOM, so I have set up another hardware profile with defualt services enabled (except for some like Messenger).


(:WAV) hi Marcos.zy
here’s mine :
active realtime protection :
Firewall : CFP3 w/Defense+ (got A-VSMART technology, can detects 60% of unknown malwares 8) )
AV : Avira-Antivir PE (set the heuristic level to high, it can detect rootkits too)
AS/Anti trojan/antirootkit ??? : CBOClean

other :
CMF (comodo memory firewall)
Spyware blaster
Spyware terminator (for on demand scanning only), maybe i’ll replace it with another spyware scanner

they’re all FREE, :BNC . i usually activated ST’s realtime protection before, but since i installed CFP3, i turn off the Realtime shield, but i keep ST for scanning only,just in case (well, it never detects anything but cookies so far, guess my comp is super clean huh :D).


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60%? I thought it was 100%, especially due to this.

Rednose, VD’s would be classified as security hardware, not security software. Ganda, as we know him, would be equipped with both to be able to sleep at night.

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I always find it really amusing that people running state of the art HIPS, behavior blockers, sandbox+virtualization ,add the outdated spywareblaster/hosts… lol…

It’s like being guarded by 50 secret service agents, Jet Li/Chuck Norris/Jacky Chan/pick your favourite top fighter, then picking the smallest kid from elementary school as your last protector…

Ha really huh? So what do you do? Un plug your internet cable and hope for the best?