What’s Next for Melih towards contribution of cybersecurity?

What’s Next for Melih towards contribution of cybersecurity?


“There should simply be no incentive for a security company to profit from a customer’s security problems. If a customer is suffering, the security company who was supposed to be protecting them should suffer too. Security companies should not profit from their customer’s suffering. Rather, security companies should profit when they are effective at providing safety and protection to their clients,” said Melih." :-TU :-TU :-TU :P0l

Got a good laugh from the line “Melih believes in protecting people before the damage is done” because CAVL users have been waiting for like 5 years for a working update.

Considering Linux is not Windows.

I fail to see any problem.


I am glad you are having a good laugh while over 800 developers are working their backsides off to help protect 10s of millions of users.
I applaud all the great work our developers have been doing to protect end users for many years and very proud of their achievements! And now launched a service to clean malware of off websites!

If I can afford it, you do not answer those who use sarcasm only for stupid affirmations. These people love to bother, Go ahead and do not stop: we love Comodo :-TU

Although Linux is not Windows, there are still viruses for the Linux desktop and the Linux community have been asking for a working CAVL since it stopped working almost 5 years ago.

I applaud their great work as well since I always make sure my family friends computers have Comodo on it, however, a year ago you said a new CAV would be coming, even to Linux but yet here we are still waiting. How many years must we continue to wait, 10? 15? 20?

I love Comodo as well along with every Linux user which is why we must continue to remind Melih that we have not had a working AV for almost 5 years since it is obvious he is constantly forgetting about us.

There numerous AV’s for Linux without needing another one, if you really insist on using one.

Now if Comodo provide a product like CIS for Linux that would be worth while, sorry another AV is a waste of time and resources.


The other av products are garbage which is probably why so many people want a new working CAVL. I agree that a full CIS for Linux would be awesome but right now the community would just be happy to have a Comodo AV.