What problems do you want us to solve?

We would love to hear from you guys about general Internet/security problems you have and your wishes about solving them.

What problems do you have that you want it solved?

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Privacy issues when browsing the internet.

Privacy issues on your mobile devices, on a PC you can have some form of control what goes where, on a mobile device you have lost control the only thing is on/off.
Install the app or not, there are loads of things an app might have access to but you can’t untick one you don’t like and use the App anyway.

You can’t monitor how often an App has read your address-book, which files it touched on your SD card or how many times it phoned-home your GPS location…

Yes, essentially take the approaches I cover in my article here but make the process as simple as possible, but provide even stronger privacy protection for those wishing to extend it even further.

what do you mean by privacy?
can we have examples of it pls.


What about fixing the bug I’ve reported.
A working usage of hostnames for firewall rules would improve my policies and therefore my security a lot.

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Sure, lets talk about that in the bugs section.
I wanted to focus on new problems on this thread pls.

Hi Melih,

I know it’s been mentioned before in other areas of the Forum, but a password manager that works seamlessly with both CD & CID :-TU

Privacy covers a vast array of problems.

Essentially I define privacy as any way in which people can see your browsing patterns, or any other sort of trends which are done over the internet, when they do not expressly need to. For example, I would define it a breach of privacy for any advertisement company, Google included, to track which sites I visit, even if they anonymize it.

The same holds true with emails, P2P, browsing in general, cookies, super cookies, tracking searches, sites logging IP addresses, etc…

Privacy protection is very vast, but it’s rapidly becoming the next front for protection on the internet.

well said

Let’s start from browsing incognito, using secure proxy servers, hiding IP address, killing unseen bugs such as google analyties. For extreme even using TOR.

I see no problem to protect your basic data but at the end of the day ppl will still spy on you… It’s internet (it was created for spying) and you don’t work for the FBI cyber security dep or you are some next level hacker :slight_smile:

As to what issues… Secure banking online?! :P0l

DV SSL certificates are a problem.

I was about to ask about this…secure banking. I’m fairly new to Comodo and wondered if anything was in the works. Thanks

In CIS6 you will have virtual keyboard (to stop keyloggers) and virtual place where u can do banking. That’s about it.

Perfect…exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks!! ;D

If we are talking about privacy how about a real challenge - develop a more secure alternative to SSL.

http://features.techworld.com/security/3317789/ssl-certificates-under-fire-as-hacking-incidents-pile-up/ shows problems with SSL caused by hackers using fraudulent SSL certificates.

https://forums.comodo.com/general-discussion-off-topic-anything-and-everything/hackers-break-ssltls-encryption-t76556.0.htm shows that SSL can be broken without using fraudulent SSL certificates.

That’s like creating new generation of security. Not likely to happen but SSL can be improved I guess. I only guess. I have no idea.