What other free internet security suites are available today?

Out of curiosity, besides comodo what other free security suites (antivirus + firewall) are available today?

As far as I can see, many popular brands are only giving you basic antivirus for free (not trial).

Comodo Internet Security Free
Roboscan Internet Security Free
Zonealarm AV + Firewall Free
Outpost Security Suite Free

Comodo Free has the same core protection features as Comodo Paid i.e protection features not stripped down.
I think Roboscan Free too has the same core protection features as Roboscan Paid. I dont know what is this in the Paid version “Direct connection with Main Server
Connect with Roboscan main server for Implementing security policy.”
ZoneAlarm Free is the stripped down version of their Paid AV + FW, like updates only once in 24 hours plus I think some advanced features missing & some settings customization not allowed.
Outpost Free too like ZoneAlarm & no product upgrade.

microsoft : a lot of person say that it is a good product so i mention it

Have a look at http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/probably-best-free-security-list-world.htm which lists a large number of free security products.

free internet security suites (this post) and not free products (your link)

fun - i read zone alarm !

terabyte , gpg4win, bandyzip, burnaware ,revo, glary are my choices but i did not see it in your recommended choices …

Also Qihoo 360 internet security (no firewall in it, but its proactive defense allready acts like a firewall) is very good suite at detection malware, very close too comodo.
and about Roboscan, its got a firewall but its disabled by default.

Qihoo 360 internet security : ok _ nice to be informed _ i will take a look later _ thx redfan

free internet security suites
ok i saw roboscan and the fantastic Chinese qihoo 360 but afaik ; to be sure of a product is to test it _ and that for all products _ where are the experts test ?
(comodo leaktest ?)
i am not able to prove that this one is better than another and every company promote its products. qihoo is a modern suite maybe better than famous internetsecuritysuite and roscan seems better than avast ; who tell us the truth ? who will accept to create a suite against a survey even legal ?qihoo thought about that (block camera feature).