What OSs, email clients & servers does CSE support?

Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) supports all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards. Be sure to download the right version (32 or 64 bit).
Windows 2000
Windows XP (32/64bit)
Windows Vista (32/64bit)
Windows 7 (32/64bit)

CSE supports most email clients, including Outlook, in network mode, & Outlook only in plugin mode.

b Network mode[/b]
Tested with:
Outlook 2000 and above
Outlook Express 5.5 and above
Thunderbird 1.5 and above
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail
Should work fine with:
All other clients using: POP3, SMTP or IMAP protocols
Please note:
SecureEmail will automatically import your account settings from previously configured mail accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Other clients require manual account setup.

b Plug-in mode[/b]
Tested with:
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Please note:
For Outlook 2010 you can use network mode, though some have success with the 32bit plug-in (even in 64bit Outlook). Note that certificate installation in Outlook 2010 requires care - a Microsoft problem. See here for help.
Account settings import is not needed in plug-in mode.

CSE uses the standard protocols and so works with almost all email servers. Specifically it implements POP3, IMAP and SMTP server protocols. Connections may be secure (SSL) or not as required. Authentication protocols are left to the email client.

It does not work with the HTML email server protocol, though obviously it will handle HTML format emails, a very different thing. This may give problems with the use of non-subscription Hotmail accounts in a few countries. Ways round this are suggested here.