What old version allows Copy/Paste?

I need this function. How far back must I go to regain copy/paste?

Hi TheWeaz,

The team is away of your question.

We’ll respond shortly.


Hi TheWeaz,
Please try v6294 or before.

As mentioned before, we introduced a check box in CCAV to control this behavior. We plan to add a check box into CIS as well, please expect it by Mar-2018 release.
It’s being coded.


I downloaded and installed 6294. After installation cut/paste worked. CIS said I needed to reboot. After reboot cut/paste no longer worked and the “About” screen says I’m back to where I started (6476).

Let me message you offline version of CIS v6294. Online version could be getting latest version.

I’m still running v6294. Has the cut/copy/paste been fixed?