What makes CTM special to you?

I’ve only explored CTM a very short time so I can only say that I like that it can be used outside of Windows and I like that the snapshots can be manipulated easily…
…and encrypted,
…and created only when you want them to be (which consequently saves drive space),
altogether very handy for a wouldbe OEM (I stick our entrepreneur logo and wallpaper on PCs that dad and I build/fix) like myself, and altogether wholly unlike Microsoft System Restore.

Looking ahead I’ll say now that when I’m done exploring CTM I’ll post a new thread, or reply to this same one saying “I just like every ■■■■ thing there is about CTM.” :smiley:

I love it too :slight_smile:


It’s simply amazing when it’s working: instantaneous snapshots (of multiple disks!), low disk usage, fast recovery. It’s mind-boggling how it keeps track of all the snapshots!
But . . .
It made my system un-bootable whenever I tried to alter partition sizes or whenever I tried to uninstall it.
Chkdsk was also finding numerous disk errors that continued to re-appear even after fixing them.
So it goes with betas.
I can’t wait for the final release!

With CTM installed, you should not access protected partitions outside Windows, for example resize it or write it.

Partitioning within Windows and chkdsk is okay??

having to reformat my HD.

special in a positive way, buddy. :smiley: …but if CTM caused that, i feel for you. :frowning: