What it will be the computer world without COMODO Internet Security !

What it will be the computer world without COMODO Internet Security !

My first contact with COMODO Internet Security was in early 2016 (wish i knew sooner), back then i was using WindowsXP looking for an replacement of Kaspersky 2012 with the same SandBox principle, why SandBox well because SandBox itself is the ONLY protection and fiable solution for UNKNOWN (everything that executes/scripts whatever), so back then Kaspersky stated that 2012 edition will be the last one to have SandBox as by Kaspersky statements they had to remove this feature as it consume(d)(s) too much resources and was hard to implement it…
Well that was a shock to me and i took it very, very serious as The SandBox itself is the necessarily ballance between unknown and the know, further more back then navigate internet or run programs on WindowsXP without SandBox was like being a sheep among wolves…

(back then i used to run almost everything from 1998 Windows 95 OSR2 era with patches, cracks, loaders just an ideea i used to have almost every program modified, my first personal ■■■■■ made was back in 1998 for winamp or expiration for encrypted program OSCAR '98 “aka the serial numbers program” 3d mark, acdsee, windows commander, games cd-rom protection and countles, countles more…“i was a nightmare for the program makers”) so in my experience as i was looking for flaws to exploit and take advantage of them…(i was young and doing mistakes)
IMPORTANT NOTE: I was only a Code ■■■■■■■ and never a Hacker, do NOT confound by mistake a ■■■■■■■ with a Hacker !
a. ■■■■■■■ only breaks offline program code encrypted or not (like the protection of a cd-dvd-rom game or 3d mark serial number via debuggers)
b. Hacker is stealing personal information, banking, penetrates into servers…
c. Be sure to not atribute a to b, or b to a as each one is totally different !

So i’ve used Windows 95 OSR2 till 2000, from 2000 i used Windows ME (the best, only if you knew how to configure it) till 2005, from 2006 WindowsXP 32bit till 2016 and from 2016 Windows 10 64bit (i never used or considered to use Windows 7 over XP).
And now i get to the point, as in 2016 i was searching for an replacement for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and i was testing with full protection on and max settings in part for hours and for each one based on my knowledge and my personal testing methods for BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira and many others too, so test after test now it came the COMODO Internet Security turn to be checked…
I was immediately amazed, wow, so even if the detection rate was low compared to other products still the efficiency was stunningly and the security was incredible strong and that SandBox effective and The FireWall wooooow, and i remembered a word said to me by others “your job is out of this world” and i for sure said it to whatever person has developed COMODO Internet security that this piece of PROduct is out of this world !
So i did back search on forums for days, and days searching and digging for Security products for COMODO, but i only saw talks and reviews on so called (self proclaimed) top antivirus big sites by moroons and less way less documented people talking about very low detection rate and puting COMODO Internet Security on charts or not at all, and i was very surprised to see that was practically inexistent to the world due of many so called review of short minds…
Sure it has some bugs but hey that doesn’t mean that the detection rate is top priority as it’s impossible to detect 0day malware, yes i am telling you it’s 100% from 100% impossible to detect 0day malware and so the unknown !
The only viable way to detect if a process is being dangerous is running the process in an controlled environment or Virtualization, SandBox !
As you can have the best detection rate available like Kasperksy but once you run an unknown process without certification or digitally signed or a script via digitally signed application well your top detection rate is wortless and honestly too late to do stop the malware spread, as one you clicked enter you’re done, bye !
So big self proclaimed topav antivirus sites do learn this, you’re knowledge is very very weak in the eyes of someone who know the real thing !
These sites should be NOT counted for the so called reviews, as they tests are based for the years 2000-2002 and do NOT reflect the present and more the future as future is the actual present !
What can i say i was frustrated to see such poor reviews from those topav websites and forums !

And based of my tests i chosed from 2016, The COMODO Internet Security for being the ONLY one who has tremendously hard work done by some out of this world people, unprecedented FireWall internet protection, carefully designed SandBox virtualization to contemplate even the 0day of them all malware at a price of very, very low system resouces when used and a very, very intelligent system intrusion prevention unmatched by many means, and many many aspects that are extremely heavy as importance (i don’t want to get techy)!
More since 2016 every Windows 10 release is changing internal code, as more security for it’s kernel, more lockdowns and by doing that the COMODO Team is hard working to recode, readaptation, reinovation as to make sure that is compatible again win that specific Windows 10 release, and this is incredible the amount of work done !
Amazing job COMODO Team, Congrats !

But some people don’t understand that and want always the newest release as fast and they don’t understand that this requires time, a lot of time as create then test, then recreate then test again then retests and so on…so people have respect and stop asking in advance when new releases will come as is totally rude to make COMODO Team quote some users “unprofessional” for non disclosing a release date or news regarding releases, users saying that are just being unproductive and not, not helpfully here !

Bottom point is that if you do know stuff you will be choosing COMODO Internet Security !
It’s Gui-Ui-Interface (i use classic them) is perfectly designed for even the most power user to the less experienced one and more it’s Gui-Ui-Interface (i use classic them) it controls a very, very powerful inside code that protect your work, your data, your pesonal info or should i say, your entire digital world from the known and most important The Unknown threats and not at last from you the user !

More because of people dedication and hard work involving in the creation of COMODO Internet Security back then in 2016 i realise that good things are not always the top ones so i stopped to ■■■■■ what i called top programs and i looked for free and clean alternatives, mostly that where digitaly signed with authentic certificate, and yeah since 2016 i am using free programs open source no more cracks and i am very, very happy !

Thank You COMODO Team, for US ALL in a digital world You are a Beacon of Good Trust and Good Hope !