What is your current security setup?

I’ve not seen one of these threads for a while,so I thought it might be interesting to see what people’s security setup is at the moment.

I’ll kick off:

Firewall/HIPS: Belkin Router,CIS RC2 (firewall & D+ only)
On access AV/AS/IDS: Antivir Premium (heuristics high),A-Squared Anti-Malware v4 (Web guard disabled)
Other Real time Protection: CMF
On demand scanners: SAS,MBAM,PrevxCSI,Bitdefender Free
Sandbox/Virtualization: SandboxIE (custom rules),Returnil free
System hardening: WWDC,SeconfigXP
Web Browsers: Opera 9.61,Firefox 3+ (Noscript,Haute secure,Finjan Addons)
Disk Imaging: DriveimageXML

why not bumping the old thread then? ;D
i have avast & CFP3, oh and Kyle said i should give sandboxie a try.
i have sandboxie now (:HUG) even though i don’t know how to use it ;D

Malwarebytes antimalware (on demand)
Superantispyware (on demand)
returnil (never use it)
sandboxie (don’t even know how to use it)

Comodo Internet Security 3.5 RC2
a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (on demand)
SUPERAntiSpyware (on demand)
Spybot S&D 1.5 (on demand, browser and HOSTS immunizing)
Opera 9.61
I will start using Sandboxie too if it starts supporting Vista 64bit

Router with firewall


Since I am not the only 1 usign this system, my security setup is as follows:


(The one I use 99% of the time): Opera 9.61 (blocking flash and javascripts) with fanboy adblock list

(The one I use 1% of the time because of its extensions): Minefield (firefox’s nightly tests) with Adblock Plus, Firekeeper, Noscript, Trackmenot, Finjan Secure Browsing, Flashblock, LocalRodeo, No-Referer, PhishTank SiteChecker, PopupMaster, UserAgent Switcher, MyWOT)

(The one I use 0% of my time, but that other relatives use): IE with the protection mentioned below


CFP v.30 with D+ set to Safe Mode (might give CIS a try)
PeerGuardian for blocking spyware, adware, trackers, hijacked, etc sites and other connections.
CMF (might switch to SafeSurf, as it also offers the same protection)
LinkScanner Pro (works in the background and protects the system from exploits, drive-by downloads, etc while in IE, Firefox and Opera) - in my opion, a firewall’s best friend
Haute Secure (for IE and Firefox and offers a mix of sandbox, hips and behavior analisys)
SpywareBlaster (for IE and Firefox)
IE7Pro (protection for IE)
Spybot Search & Destroy (preventive measures for IE, Firefox and Opera)
Customized Hosts file (142.399 entries)

On-access detection: Eset NOD32 3.0

On-demand detection: SUPERAntispyware Free Edition and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

NOTES: I am testing Sandboxie in a virtual machine to see how it works and how to work with it, before I actually install it.

As you may see I bet on prevention, rather than detection.

Edit: As soon as I get my new machine I will be running it behind a home made firewall using free bsd or linux systems

Common Sense

^ I reccomend sandboxie to everyone…

avast (i guess it is better than avg and is better compared with antivir wich is good)
comodo firewall with defence+ (one of the best firewalls, many fun settings to play with ;))
winpatrol (it is slow to detect changes to the system sometimes)
spywareblaster (should have blocked more malicious sites)
spybot with immunize (it doesnt scan every file it should and because of that misses some malware, i will not recommend to use it alone so you should use other anti-malwares together with it. teatimer is buggy by the way and the immunize blocks too few malicious sites. what i like about spybot is that it detects security misconfigurations on the computers and all the tools it has is great)
superantispyware (at least it detected something on my computer compared to spybot wich didnt detect it)
f-secure blacklight (i dont know what to say about it as i have just installed it and it detected nothing, it is easy to use but i dont know if we should delete everything it finds as legitimate software also uses rootkits)
router with firewall.

Far too lazy to dig that out (:TNG)

My current setup:


Router with firewall


Real-time: CFP with Defense+
Hardening: Harden-it, Secure-it, Seconfig XP


Limited User Account
Firefox 3.1b2pre (codename Minefield) with NoScript.

I also use nLite to remove unnecessary items. After installing, I manually remove a couple of 100 files I don’t find necessary.

I have:

  • Router
  • Avast! :-TU
  • Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware (On Demand, but the scanner keeps crashing when it scans C:\Boot\memtest.exe :-TD)
  • CFP3 with D+ :-TU
  • BOClean
  • CMF
  • VMware Work Station, for testing questionable things :-TU
  • Sandboxie (keeps jamming)
  • SAS (I still am not sure about it ;))

Geswall Free
MBAM (on-demand)


Hardware router/firewall

Comodo Internet Security 3.5.53896.424 (Firewall, AntiVirus and Defense+)
Comodo BOClean 4.27
Comodo SafeSurf
SpywareBlaster 4.1
Opera 9.61
Firefox 3.0.3 (inc. NoScript)

Limited user account


I just love reading these setups :slight_smile: And comparing them to the ones alot of the users are using at wilders, These ones seem so much leaner and effecient! keep em comming guys :slight_smile:

The thread over at Wilders was my reason to create this here.On the whole,so far the Comodo users seem to go for a much less convoluted setup than Wilders.It’d be interesting to know which group has the least incidence of malware infection,it might yield surprising results.

I just love reading these setups Smiley And comparing them to the ones alot of the users are using at wilders, These ones seem so much leaner and effecient! keep em comming guys

i actually disagree with that, considering most people here use comodo products and please im not bashing , i feel your post is rather fanboyish


All that affect my PC security:

Carefulness on the internet for a minimum of problems.
nLite’d Windows XP SP3 with manually removed features for a fast and secure OS with less vulnerabilities.
CIS RC2 for the best firewall and system policy protection, plus decent antivirus.
Opera 9.61 browser for secure web browsing, featuring my personal custom Super Security button which disables all plugins, JavaScript etc. on demand.


Please share your setup. :wink:


Now, was that even necessary? Now you have made me jealous!!! >:-D (:TNG)

Router Firewall
Avira Premium
Firefox 3 (no script, adblock plus, keyscrambler and wot)

A2 square v4


Of course! (:s*)

I can share the method of creating it, if anyone is interested. As much as it’s for an Opera topic it’s also a part of security setups. :slight_smile:


That would be great.