What is tvncontrol and what does it do?

Comodo installs a program “tvncontrol” at C:\Program files (x86)\Common files\tvnserver.exe which is set to run at startup.

Browsing for this file, I can’t find it. I only see 3 files in the directory:

GeekbudddyRSP.exe, which if it pops up again I will be UNINSTALLING your program for good because I believe it is a backdoor trojan and I would rather not have it running on my computer.



Please tell me how do I remove your malware from my system?

I don’t know about the tvncontrol but I too want to know what launcher_service.exe and screenhooks.dll is.

If you want to un-install CIS then you can do so like any other software.

No, I want to completely disable Geekbuddy and the remote desktop backdoor.

Just uninstall it…

As HeffeD says, you can uninstall GeekBuddy as any other software too, this also removed the “Comodo” folder containing the “launcher_service.exe” and “screenhooks.dll” from Common Files. (I just tried it)

Also, HeffeD, do you know what the sceenhooks.dll actually does? My best guess is that it’s used by GeekBuddy to be able to see what you see but I’m not sure.

Thank you. I didn’t think to look in the add/remove programs because I thought Geekbuddy was part of Comodo itself.

That would be my guess as well, from the name.

I did not install Geekbuddy and do not have that file. That is an indirect clue it could be from Geekbuddy.