What is this?

My other anti virus program found it (Avira), and Comodo didn’t. The file is called CB9AB7.tmp

Hi marcam129 ,

If you can find the file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

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When I try to open the file it says “You don’t have permission to open this file. Contact the file owner or an administrator to obtain permission.”
It is a .TMP file, it’s located C:\Windows\Temp, and it opens with Microsoft Office Picture but when I open it, it doesn’t show anything. Hope this info helps ???

you don’t have to open it, try right click and copy, then make a new .zip folder on the desktop and paste it in there. If that works then go ahead and submit the file.

Nope that still doesn’t work :frowning:

what operating system do you have and do you have any antivirus program running realtime other then comodo?

Try using this to unlock the file:

I have Windows Vista, Avira running in real time, and that unlocking thing didn’t work… Another things is I sent another file to be submitted and it said “Server error. Please try again.” I tried again like 12 times…

avira must be blocking the file. Disable real time protection from avira, reboot and try zipping the file in a folder again. Also you are not running avira and comodo AV at the same time are you?

Running both virus scans, or running them both in real time?
And by zipping file you mean WinRAR ZIP?

running both in real time, and by zipping I mean winrar zip

Finally I got the file sent in! :smiley:
Now all I have to do is wait for the e-mail? How long will that take?

you used this submission page right Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and if so how did you submit the file as? A suspicious file or as a false positive. If you submitted as suspicious they will not e-mail you, if it is malware it will get added to the signatures. IF you submitted as a FP then you will get an e-mail. I would give it a few days or so and rescan the file to see if it gets detected then.

I submitted it as “Malware/Suspicious”