What is this?

Just seen this appear, what is it?

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I don’t know I don’t have that on mine, what version of comodo do you have and is it the free version or complete/pro?

I don’t have that either.

I’m using the Free version.

Actually, Languy, yes you do. It is part of the new CIS 4.1
I noticed it on mine also

I got it as part of CBU 3


yeah I think it is part of the back up not part of CIS.

What does it do then? ;D

not a clue

same, not sure what it is really for.

Well I have CBU 3, so I’m no different from you guys :slight_smile:

Just want to find out what it does now ;D

"This module is Comodo Usage Reports of how are you using our application, so we can improve the user experience / GUI flow.

It will also take care of updating process for Comodo application."

I kinda don’t feel comfortable about it :-X

I dont see that in my start up entries and I am using complete I feel left out lol

this was a GUI reporting built into some of the beta utilities so that we understand how they are used.


Thanks for clearing that up…