What is this?

My firewall event log shows this number continually blocked. destination Source is

I googled it with no help I can understand.

I have been experimenting with a calendar sync program called Nice Office which doesn’t seem to sync anymore. It worked fine before I recently came back to CFW and downloaded 3.13 earlier this evening.

Are those above sites tied to the sync program in anyway?


[attachment deleted by admin]

192.168.x.x is a private IP range, so this traffic is related to your network only. I am not sure what port 52072 is all about, but port 135 is used by svchost for RPC.


Do you use a router?

Yes, I have a wireless, bridged off a DSL router. Same set up as before with CFW 3.8 or it may have been 3.10. Never saw all those blocks before. I checked and the address is my network. I am not aware any actual sites are blocked, except for the Nice Office problem. And that may be their problem. I may try turning off CFW.



Probably->> http://www.elphel.com/downloads/rev0.html

Looks like the below link addresses my issue. I had Define a Trusted Network Checked and then I defined a new trusted network zone using the source and destination IP’s in my post. We will see.