what is this windows ,reminder installation mode

comodo continue to pop up this window

but what’s the meaning , in the help there is not answer

what should i answer , i installed comodo by 2 days


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For some reason CFP was switched to installation mode and it is telling you that you should switch back to normal mode. Normally, you would only use this mode if you were installing software on your system. and want to minimize the alerts you get during installation. This pop-up is just a reminder to switch back.


Hi Mantra,

This is the Window you get when you have switched to “Installation Mode” asking if you would like to switch back to whatever mode you where in previously.
Installation Mode should only be used if you are installing something to minimize the amount the amount of pop ups you receive.
If you are not installing anything you should be in Clean pc/Train with Safe Mode.

Regards Matty

That Window is suppose to be there. Install mode is only a temporary mode while you install something. Your suppose to click yes. You must have gottin a D+ pop up and from the pull down menu you selected “installer”. If you have been in install mode for the past days you better do a virus scan and soyware scan.

10 points for the first to answer what a soyware scan is?

Is it,

A.some new far east scanning device?

B.is it an anti-soya add on module thingy

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Matty(i`m in tears here)

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