What is this? (The Shield Firewall 5.0)

What is this? A phishing?


Could be Co-Brand I suppose.

(Edit) I guess not then.

Thanks for reporting this zinarali. I hope that Comodo will take legal actions against the site owners.
Looks like they’re some idiots that just’ve done some modification of the GUI in Paint. It seems like all of their products are stolen…
Their Parental Control is from PureSight. Note how they’re using the PureSight-logo in the screenshots.
And isn’t Spyware 24x7 a nice copy of Ad-Aware 2007 Pro?


:o :o :o :o :o Ban them !!! >:( >:( >:( >:( Those idiots are selling Comodo Free Firewall for 20 $ (:AGY)

:P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l

By the way, I’ll post on the Lavasoft Support Forums.


Do that :slight_smile: And we have to bring Mr. Melih’s attention to this (:AGY)

I’ve sent him a PM.

Here’s Melih’s reply:

I guess “using Comodo as their engine” means they’ve done a complete rip-off and sells it for $19.99…


Oh please Comodo don’t follow Kaspersky’s footsteps and don’t sell or give licenses to use your firewall engine to other companys :-\ It will ruin the brand :cry:

I mean Kaspersky’s brand is good, but I don’t like that they are selling there AV’s engine to everyone.

anyone try to contact this rip off company yet?

I got ahold of this company and this is what they said.

Renee: Your are correct, our firewall is powered by Comodo, it doesnot mean it is illegal to sale it. We have a contract with Comodo

Renee: Is there anything else I can assist you with today.

After me telling them it is illegal to resell the firewall without purchasing the Comodo Engine this is what they had to say.

Renee: We are not using Comodo or any other software, we are a very established company.

Renee: Thank you for chatting with us today. Have a nice day.

Melih !!! Cancel the contract :-\ Pretty please :slight_smile: :a0

I second the motion.

well looking here thay have a program called privacy defender 4.0

and it’s on spywarewarriors rogue list

“They are a decent company who is using Comodo as their engine.”

Melih, i’m not trying to say that you’re wrong on that at all. Just to me this doesn’t seem like a good move…

Privacy Defender pcsecurityshield.com false positives work as goad to purchase; poor, misleading scan reporting; deceptive advertising /“scan” on home page (1); advertises through adware (1); recruits affiliates through spam (1); dubious corp. associations (1); same app as Spyblocs 3.0, MySpyFreePC, iSpyKiller, SamuraiSpy, & Spy Crusher; also from this domain: The Shield 2004, PC Security Shield - (Note: other domains associated w/ Privacy Defender include: clixtrader.net, pcsecuritysheild.com, pcsecuritywall.com, pctoolworks2004.com, pctoolworks2005.com, threatlevel.com) [A: 6-26-04 / U: 9-7-05]

[Quote]They are a decent company who is using Comodo as their engine.



looks like you and the feedback from Site Advisor are at odds about this company.

Scandoo result added below


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Hm, as Ragwing pointed out, they’ve also copied Ad-Aware.

I don’t get this. They make money out of Comodo’s brave efforts? ???


Melih !!! This company will make Comodo look bad sooner or later. Cancel that contract. You’re a dedicated security company and looking on Gooses collected info - you have made a contract with a copy-cat malware making company :o :-\

I truly believe this is going to hurt / is hurting Comodo’s reputation :frowning:

let me investigate this further…

thanks for the heads up guys