What is this file?

Under files waiting for my review I found the following:

d:$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21 37889…

What is the S-1-5-21 37889… file and why was it modified if my recycle bin is empty?

Pretty sure that S-1-5-21 37889… is the name of your recycle bin. Since its the recycle bin it’s probably going to get modified a bit, but that’s just my guess since I don’t want to put D+ back into clean mode to test this.

If you want to check and you’re using a XP machine, open up a window (anything) on my computer and click on the tools tab. Go to folder options->view. Check show hidden files and folders and uncheck hide system files. Then navigate to your primary drive (skip if you’re already there) and look for a folder called Recycler if you’re using a NATSF partition format and RECYCLED if you’re using FAT32. Just go in and look at the bin, the name will be there.